How to use Reference Mode.

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Accudio™ converts the sound from your current earphone/headphone to near perfect hi-fi sound using the optimized settings based on the data acquired using high precision measuring equipment. 

  Picture 000.png

 Touch setting button.


Picture 001.png

Touch + button and select "Reference" mode.


Picture 002.png

Select company name of your earphones (or headphones)


Picture 003.png  

Select model name of your earphones (or headphones)


Picture 004.png

After confirmation (company name and model name), touch "Download & Apply" button


Picture 005.png

Frequency response data of selected product is displayed. Green:Original / Blue:Applied  


Picture 006.png

If you want to tune sound color according to your taste, adjust more sound settings.


Picture 006.1.png  

If you want to experience another reference product, just select the model you want.


Picture 007.png

After set up, touch back arrow button. Input the name of setting and save it.


Picture 008.png

New setting is saved. 



Accudio™, the most convenient and cost effective way to enjoy hi-fi sound.



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