Accudio™ magically transforms mediocre sound from even cheap earphones/headphones into incredible Hi-Fi sound from luxury brands.

Sounds unreal? Trying is believing!

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Advantages of Accudio™

“Don’t dream it. Make it real with Accudio™!”

While you are a music lover always craving for perfect sound, does your budget betray you? Then, you can simply make your current earphones/headphones sound just like luxury brand products at a fraction of the cost. Besides, you can make a pick from top-of-the-line brands for earphone/headphone and switch it anytime as your musical taste moves on.
Have you ever hesitated to purchase a certain headphone/earphone in your style and price range but lack in quality or missing your sense of pitch? Or did you wish to combine the hardware design of a certain headphone model with the sonic performance and acoustic characteristics of a different model?

Now, a couple of steps at Accudio™ will allow you to make it true. Select the model in your use and then, the model of high price headphone that you would like to experience. Yes! Incredible consequence empowered by Accudio™ is just as simple as that.

As a discerning audiophile using a high-end headphone/earphone, do you still wish to fine-tune its default setting to your own musical preference? Accudio™’s real-time preview graphs along with the rich list of features and professional fine-tuning parameters are all at your fingertips.


Enjoy all at a Fraction of the cost!

Enjoy Max. Sound Performance
Tailored for Your Own Audio Gear


Catering to Personal Musical
Taste with Pro-grade Equalizer


Enjoy/Experience switching
across Luxury Brands


Accudio™ Audio Science


“Above and Beyond EQ”

Top-class experts’ meticulous custom fine-tuning for each and every earphone/headphone model for the maximum sound quality

Why not enough with generic EQ?

1) Such audio gears as earphones and headphones constitute a crucial factor for sound quality, since they range a wide spectrum of audio distortion according to how well calibrated.

2) Meanwhile, each and every earphone/headphone has its own acoustic properties in internal construction and driver design. This explains broad discrepancies in sound quality for each product and, to put it another way, each individual earphone/headphone needs tailored optimization for the maximum performance.

3) However, generic equalizers fail to provide sound compensation based on individual earphone/headphone-wise professional measurement and calibration as Accudio™ does. Thus, such across-the-board settings of generic equalizers pose a fundamental limit to sound improvement.

accudio™ custom EQ

※ Professional audio calibration is a very exhaustive process while measurement and adjustment should be carried out consecutively at the coalface. Even the audio expert manages to handle a single product calibration in a day at best. Naturally, generic EQ is no match to professional custom-calibration.

Earphones/headphones, the primary culprit behind sound distortion

The fidelity of sound is compromised while passing through a device for reproduction. The audio playback process consists of a series of connected components and each component adds a different level of distortion.
Meanwhile, the sound distortion of an audio file caused by electronic components (i.e. Smartphone, MP3, DAC and etc.) is practically minor and maybe even negligible (+- 1dB), since basically electrical signals are processed in the same nature inside the digital domain.

However, in between the electronic components and those external transducers (i.e. earphones, headphones, loudspeakers and etc.), somewhat significant transformation occurs from electrical signals to acoustic signals (so to speak, “from digital signals to analogue signals”), exhibiting much greater distortion spectrum (+- 20dB).

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A pioneering frontrunner in the science for measuring the perceived sound quality and the universal accurate audio reproduction

Despite pros and cons, the scientific objective methods and metrics to quantitatively evaluate audio performance provide meaningful values and are acknowledged as an alternative solution to conventional subjective emotional evaluation methods with wide discrepancies.

We at Golden Ears (“GE”) are Korea’s first and reputable leader in scientific audio evaluation and advanced sound compensation technology. GE have provided to top-notch global manufacturers and the Korean government consulting services on audio products and standards for audio device test respectively. We also have publicized a number of technical reports analyzing audio performance of each audio device. Those reports are acknowledged as the most credible among Korean consumers who refer to it for purchase as well as manufacturers and mass media.

What matters most of all is that our empirical hands-on measurements of nearly one thousand audio products for years prove the rule that a unit that measures great also sounds great without exception.

A pioneering frontrunner in the science for measuring the perceived sound quality and the universal accurate audio reproduction

The world’s best-performance in matching our DB to human perception

The most important factor is the proximity of our database to match human perception. In other words, what we find must correlate with what people hear.

The world’s best-performance in matching our DB to human perception
“Do all earphones have a linear relationship?”

In many cases, there is a gap between simulated (theoretical) sound compensation and actual response. For this reason, the process of double checking actual data and further adjustment as applicable is pivotal for the most accurate sound production.

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How Accudio™ works

How Accudio™ works
How do you enjoy Hi-Fi sound with fairly inexpensive earphones/headphones under $20?
By generating compensating signals using a parametric equalizer according to the frequency response of the earphone/headphone, the sound that reaches human ears will be near perfect Hi-Fi sound.

Using professional measuring equipment to determine the characteristics of the product and determining the best possible solution based on the gathered data require thorough knowledge and expertise in acoustics and electronics. Therefore, we created Accudio™ which lets you playback your music in near perfect Hi-Fi sound without any hassle.

1. Measuring the data of earphones and headphones.

Golden Ears measures earphones and headphones using professional measuring equipment to determine the characteristics of the product. And to contrive the best possible solution based on such gathered data requires thorough knowledge and expertise in acoustics and electronics.

2. Simulation Program for accurate compensation

Golden Ears’ simulation program load measured data of earphones and headphones. And it shows frequency response graph. And it calculates the final response of actual data and settings. Expert at Golden Ears can make optimized settings for each product through this program.

3. Double checking with actual equipment

Golden Ears double check actual data with our test equipment. And if there is a gap between simulation and actual, we tuned our settings according to actual data. This manual double-checking towards perfection consummates the unrivaled performance and accuracy of our profile database.

All you provide is the brand and the model, and your earphone/headphone will start delivering near perfect Hi-Fi sound to your ears. In this way, you can boost the performance of your earphones very easily.

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The Most Accurate and Largest Sound Profile Database

in the World

cont1112Since having started the business of scientifically measuring the sound characteristics of audio devices, GE’s experts have been collecting the most accurate database for more than 800 best-selling models of earphones and headphones (as of 2015-Q1), more than any other related companies and services worldwide.

With manufacturers coming up with the latest products with ever greater qualities, GE’s database will continue to grow exponentially, with great accuracy and proficiency. (Over 200 new products added up annually)

International Patent for Core Fundamental Technology

As of 2011, Golden Ears developed a patented technology that recognizes the sound characteristics audio devices real time, and fixes the audio problems of each and every device. Based on the database collected by experts from Golden Ears, Accudio™ not only calibrates the audio feature to match the Hi-Fi sound, but also simulates the signature sounds from other audio devices.

The sound quality achievable with Accudio™ is in its own league beating all audiophile players. Verify your doubt by trying Accudio™ now.